In the Millennial Pink

Paper Colors

We changed up our pink. Regarding 3M Post-it Notes. Our Cherry Blossom Pink has been made a bit brighter and lighter and is now “Millennial Pink,” which is a throwback to the original color.

So many of you asked for the original and now it’s back!

Millennial Pink is one of our standard 3M post-it note colors along with canary and white. We also offer recycled papers – Spring Green, Canary Yellow, White and Sky Blue and with the Neon and Ultras, we have Ultra Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Lime and Neon Pink.

Many of you may remember colors we had in the past, which frankly were not great sellers. There were black and purple at one point! They were not very easy to read when printed, but would be great with metallic pens if you wrote on them!

But if you’re feeling in the pink, try the Millennial Pink on your next order. Spice it u pa little!

All of our post it note sizes and shapes can be seen and priced here:

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