Cube pads – four sides to explode your message!

Custom 3M cube pads have been very popular this year; more so than in the past.

People are realizing the impact they have on spreading and sharing a custom post-it notes message.

Custom printed full color cube pads shout out your message. The bright colors on each side draw attention to any message. From schools, offices, realtors, clubs, churches – they are a favorite and they actually promote your message.

People are drawn to the brightly colored cube pads. And the message can be seen on all four sides of the cubes, including the top sheets as an option.

Check out what offers in the way of cubes. The favorite are 3M custom printed cube pads but there are also non-adhesive cube pads, also with brightly printed side panels.

Many realtors use the cube pads to share their newest developments or rental buildings. Doctors have used the cube pads and regular custom printed post-it notes pads to promote their new offices. Schools use them to raise funds and churches do the same.

Check out what has to offer here: – you will find custom printed post-it notes, custom sticky notes, custom printed cube pads and more.


3M post-it note shapes

3M post-it notes come in all sizes and shapes.

Sure, there are the standards square and rectangles, but have you thought of a dollar sign shape or a house shape? All custom printed with your name, message or whatever!

The custom printed post it notes are appreciated by customers and clients and they are used. Brand them with your name and it’s advertising for you every day, all day.

Check out our full line of 3M custom printed post it notes here: has all colors and of course full color imprint, the most popular type of imprint. Add pizzazz to your message today!

Double wall paper cups – the smart choice

Everyone seems to be wise to the fact these days that custom printed double wall paper cups are the way to go when it comes to paper coffee cup printing. 

The main reason is that it saves on java jackets – the cups are thick enough to withstand hot coffee, tea and cocoa, so for a few cents more, and in many cases, for the same price as single wall paper cups – you get the sleeve sort of built in!

The benefit also is that the cup is fully covered with your branding and that makes a lot of sense.

Let quote you on double and single wall paper cups today. Email – how many cups? What size? 

Custom printed cups, napkins and plates

We can always tell the temperature of the economy and the country by what’s selling and these past few weeks, actually, probably the past month or so, we’ve seen a huge uptick in custom printed paper cups and plastic cups as well as out custom napkins and plates. The country is coming back!

This promises to be a new awakening, a new summer – a new world. As we start exiting from the pandemic, businesses are opening up and families and friends are having fun events, again. From birthday parties to 4th of July plans, it’s all happening.

And coffee shops and restaurants are all blooming again.

Our custom printed paper cups, manufactured paper cups, are tested and conform to applicable CPSIA and Prop 65 standards. All of our products are compliant. U.S. Food manufacturing standards are used. We follow all protocols. Our products are free of BPA and PCB’s. All of our cups are made in the USA with locally sourced materials.

Lots of people have been ordering personalized plastic cups for parties and such, but of course we have been selling lots of double wall paper cups – one of our newest items – full color, personalized double wall paper cups. They are not much more than single wall paper cups, in fact, in many cases, the pricing is the same – and they save you from having to order coffee sleeves – but we do have custom printed coffee sleeves and java jackets, if that is what you would like.

But the full color double wall paper cups are bright, and beautiful and they ship fast – in as little as a week’s time.

We have received our Food Safety System Certification: FSSC 22000. This internationally recognized certification program for our food safety management system means you can order your cup promotions from us knowing they are safe. Based on the data we have, we are one of the few FSSC 22000 certified cup manufacturer in the industry.

We are ready, our presses are ready and we would love to print, manufacture and ship our lovely line of paper and plastic food items to you for a summer of fun!

Our full line of custom printed cups, napkins and plates is here:

Our personalized, custom made and printed paper cups are here:

Our custom printed plastic cups are here:

Our custom printed napkins are here:

Our custom printed plates are here:

Our custom printed post-it notes are still the same price in the New Year!

Our custom printed Post-it Notes are the same price this year – pricing has not gone up. This is about the fifth year, maybe more, that we held the price on genuine 3M post-it notes! Could be more, we lost track! And of course our wholesale personalized post it notes and notepads start with low minimums. Order as little as six post it note pads – up to a million!

Customers seem to be ordering more and more these days, as during these pandemic times, it seems that personalized notepads are more economical than most other forms of marketing and promotion. For literally cents per sheet, businesses can get their messages out to the public, but simply sticking the sticky notes to things!

For example – pizza boxes. We just did a very large order for a pizza chain in Oregon. They plan on promoting their specials by placing custom printed post-it notes on their pizza boxes. Also lots of realtors now are using them to “buy ugly houses.” They stick the pads on doors and get the attention of the homes owners for pennies! And it works, we have been printing real estate pads for over 20 years now!

There are so many uses for the custom pads – many offices use the post it notes as forms. While the pads are used as notepads, so many are used as forms, notices and advertisements.

You can see our full line of custom printed post-it notes here:

There are the usual pads – but there are cube pads, where the full sides are printed and there are pop-up notes and shaped pads – ever think of having a pad with your logo on it shaped as a house? How about a heart? There are so many options.

And best of all, all our custom post-its are wholesale post it notes and are shipped in the US free of charge. And there are no set-up or hidden fees, either!

Meet our little custom printed corkscrew

Perfect for the new year is our little custom printed wine opener/corkscrew. They are a small item with big value. Stick them in your pocket and hand them out as you would custom printed pens!

This little custom printed corkscrew is perfect for any promotion, but especially perfect for wine lovers.

The custom wine opener offers one or full color imprint and it’s very economical. You could say a cheap wine opener – with a lot of value and class. Top quality and loved by all.

Add it to your next event – perfect for wine tastings and food and wine events, but also perfect for any small give-away event. It’s a nice way to thank friends, clients and club and event members.

We offer samples for $15.00 each or just check them out and order today at:

These amazing little custom wine openers come in black or white and again, the imprint can be your full color logo or message! Quantities start at only 100.

Ordering and re-ordering is always easy.

Combination corkscrew and bottle opener
Great imprint area
Perfect for mailings

This handy wine opener/bottle opener is perfect to take on the go for traveling and vacations.

Product Height: 0.75″
Product Width: 4.125″
Product Depth: 0.5″

Antimicrobial Pens – custom printed

nurse2How many times did you pass around a pen today? Do you know who had the pen you are using before you? How many times did put the pen up to your mouth or chew on it?

We have a solution for this very unsanitary practice.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Antimicrobial Pens to our custom printed pens line.

The Bic Stic and Bic Clic Stic, the two most popular  pens are now available with PrevaGuard – protecting the pen by suppressing the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew on these personalized pen.

bic-clic stic-Antimicrobial-pens

PrevaGuard, an EPA registered antimicrobial additive is molded directly into the pen’s plastic components. This helps suppress the growth of bacteria, molds, mildew and fungi, especially in high-moisture environments.

bicpensPrevaGuard includes various elements, such as Zinc, which is known to have many health benefit properties that can help strengthen immunities to various infections and enhances product freshness, fights undesired odors, staining and product degradation.

The PrevaGuard Antimicrobial logo can be added to the personalized pens at no additional charge so that clients know you are regarding safety as the most important element in your business.

You can see the antimicrobial custom printed pens here at our pens site:

Custom printed paper cups; they’re not just for coffee shops anymore

cups11We print a lot of paper cups – millions over the years, and and something interesting about them that many people many not know – while they are used for coffee and cold drinks, they aren’t all printed for coffee shops. Yes, we print for many coffee shops all over the country, but we also print for schools, churches and offices.

One of our largest clients is a law firm. They order 5000 12 oz. custom printed paper cups every two months; that’s 30,000 cups a year! And all of the cups are used for clients who pass through the office. They brand their paper cups with their law firm office. We have been printing these for them for years. It first stared with the name of the firm in plain type and then a logo and then when the law firm changed names and added a partner, it went to another logo and a full color wrapped cup! I’m sure their clients appreciate the extra effort when they grab  cup of coffee at the law firm.

From our double wall cup line.

We recently printed 10,000 paper cups for a church, which orders them a few times a year. They also have a logo and it’s printed on the cups. It’s a small gesture, but it is noticed by congregants and folks passing through. They use them at meetings and for coffee and cake every Sunday after services. A few realtors order from us on a regular basis and use the cups at their offices, but mostly at open houses.

We also do custom printed paper cups for schools who use them for parent-teacher events and also family reunions and even brides order them for weddings.


They are inexpensive and they leave a lasting impression. Auto shops, banks, doctor’s offices, stores, clubs, even pharmaceutical companies order custom coffee cups; and many ad agencies order custom printed paper cups to promote their clients’ new products, we do lots of those. We also do many paper cups for the fashion industry which are used at offices and at fashion shows and events.


We have standard paper cups and just recently started printing full color double wall cups, so you don’t need to worry about java jackets, although we custom print java jackets and coffee sleeves, too.

Check out our line, we print all sizes and you can have one color printed or have a full color printed cup from top to bottom:


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We streamlined our new 2020 calendar line


Our new 2020 calendar line is up and available for your custom imprint! We’re ready for the new year!

We pared the calendars down this year to make it easier to order. In the past there just was too much to choose from. What we did was take our most popular calendars, the ones people buy the most often and we set up one page, rather than the various pages we used to have. This will make it easier to scan the images for the theme you prefer and you can order that way.

6102We still have all the other styles and if you would prefer one of them, just ask. We’ll pull it out of storage and custom print that up for you.

We have all the favorite styles – wall calendars, planners and desk calendars.

You can see our new improved page here:

You can start ordering now! The new 2020 line is all available and ready to go.