Our custom printed post-it notes are still the same price in the New Year!

Our custom printed Post-it Notes are the same price this year – pricing has not gone up. This is about the fifth year, maybe more, that we held the price on genuine 3M post-it notes! Could be more, we lost track! And of course our wholesale personalized post it notes and notepads start with low minimums. Order as little as six post it note pads – up to a million!

Customers seem to be ordering more and more these days, as during these pandemic times, it seems that personalized notepads are more economical than most other forms of marketing and promotion. For literally cents per sheet, businesses can get their messages out to the public, but simply sticking the sticky notes to things!

For example – pizza boxes. We just did a very large order for a pizza chain in Oregon. They plan on promoting their specials by placing custom printed post-it notes on their pizza boxes. Also lots of realtors now are using them to “buy ugly houses.” They stick the pads on doors and get the attention of the homes owners for pennies! And it works, we have been printing real estate pads for over 20 years now!

There are so many uses for the custom pads – many offices use the post it notes as forms. While the pads are used as notepads, so many are used as forms, notices and advertisements.

You can see our full line of custom printed post-it notes here: thediscountprinter.com/post-itnotes

There are the usual pads – but there are cube pads, where the full sides are printed and there are pop-up notes and shaped pads – ever think of having a pad with your logo on it shaped as a house? How about a heart? There are so many options.

And best of all, all our custom post-its are wholesale post it notes and are shipped in the US free of charge. And there are no set-up or hidden fees, either!


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