10 ways to increase your Etsy sales

We have an eclectic mix of items on our site.

I‘ve been experimenting with Etsy sales. I’ve added items from our main printing and promotional business to raise awareness as well as to make sales, but I’ve also placed items on the site that can be purchased as a single item – t shirts, coffee mugs, shower curtains and such.

And in a short time, I learned these 10 ways to increase Etsy sales.

Fill in the whole headline and don’t be afraid to change it.
There is room in the headline for each item for a lot of words, use up the space, this area is just as good as keywords and tags for your items. The more words you use, the better chance of being seen.

Use proper keywords on Etsy and tags on each item.
If selling a coffee mugs on Etsy with fish images, use all sorts of tags property like “fish” “coffee” “housewarming” “housewarming gifts,” etc. Vary the keywords, don’t just stick to one single theme when many themes fit the item.

Don’t be afraid to change the Etsy tags or the headline for the item.
If Father’s Day is coming up, add that to the keywords or item title, same with Christmas or Easter or St. Patrick’s Day or any keyword that will fit in with the item you are selling. But only add these words if they are accurate. If selling a t shirt that says, “I love Dad,” that is perfect for Christmas and Father’s Day, but of course would not fit property for St. Patrick’s Day.

Sell Etsy worldwide.
The more places you sell, the more people will see your items. Many countries as well as U.S. States and sections of the world do not have access to many items. They don’t have a Target or Wal-Mart in their town perhaps, so open up your world to their world. Share your products with the world, you’ll be amazed where people are who are interested in your items.

Ship your Etsy items free if possible.
If you can add the price into the item and not bring up the price very much, it’s  good idea to use free shipping. That is always a draw and it makes people want to purchase.

People “favorite” this shower curtain a lot. So we put it on sale.

People will “favorite” or “like” items you have on your Etsy page.
Make note of it, especially if one or two particular items are getting noticed more than others. It’s a good idea to lower the price or put the items on sale that people are interested in. The best part of this is that the person who liked or favorited an item will be notified that the item was marked down and in many cases, people will purchase in order to get the lower price while the item is on sale.

Put Etsy items on sale frequently.
It’s easy to have sales on certain items or every item in your Etsy shop. Put items on sale. Experiment. Simply marking down items will attract attention.

Experiment with items if possible.
Mix things up in your shop. While it’s great to have a theme to your shop, many people will find you and items by doing searches so if someone is looking for a bathrobe and you have that, you may also find someone who is looking for a star-shaped earrings if you have that too. Be eclectic.

Give a discount on Etsy for abandoned shopping carts.
That is when someone goes to purchase an item but they have second thoughts. There is a feature on Etsy where you can send out a coupon code for a person who is about to leave the shopping cart before finalizing the sale. This is an excellent feature and it works very often. It’s worth the little discount you offer (10 to 15% maybe), in order to get the sale. A discounted sale is better than no sale.

And finally, be part of the Etsy community.
“Like” or “favorite” other people’s items, like their shops, follow them, read their blogs, comment, be part of the whole experience, the more you give, the more you get. Don’t just be stagnant. Be friendly and engaging.

So these are some tips I’ve learned as a newbie on Etsy. It didn’t take long for me to figure these things out. There are obvious things to do like participate in social media, share your items with friends and of course have people review your items after they buy, but these 10 items above seem to be overlooked most of the time. I hope you take them into consideration to help your Etsy shop make more sales.

My shop is called Fabu Stuff, you can check it out here: etsy.com/shop/FabuStuff


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