A new way of ordering printing online

postits23We’ve noticed that people place their printing orders differently online. It changed in the last few years, I’m not sure when or why, but it’s reversed.

It used to be that people would order items on our site, TheDiscountPrinter.com, you know, custom printed pens or custom printed post it notes, they would go through the shopping cart process, then send us their art for printing. We would send them a proof, get their approval and we would print the items. Now it’s reversed.

Now, people email us, bypassing the ordering and shopping cart process. They send us their art via email and a note that says, “please print 1000 custom printed post it notes” or “Please print 2500 personalized paper cups” and they attach the artwork. We then will take the art or sometimes it’s just text, and we’ll make up a proof, put it together with an online invoice personally made for their order and we’ll send the customer a link. They then complete the order that way.

We have been printing custom post its and custom pens and party cups and things for over 35 years and things have changed so much in that time. So as it stand now, anyone can easily send us their promotional items order via email and we’ll take it from there.

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