The best uses for custom printed post it notes


Custom printed post it notes, custom printed post its, custom sticky notes, whatever you call them, they are more popular these days than they have ever been.

With our quick printing, full color post its, we get the pads done fast and shipped fast, many as fast as 24 or 48 hours. Yes! Custom printed post it notes in 24 hours! These are genuine 3M post it notes. We make it fast and easy to order post it notes, too.

Most custom notepads are not what you think. While people use them to write on, so many are used as advertisements, business forms and invitations. The whole post it note is printed – the full sheet.

We have a gym client who uses the post its each month to promote their specials. Same with many pizza companies; they print coupons on the pads and stick them on their pizza boxes as they go out.

personalized-post-itsWe also print for many newspapers, who post ads on their front pages using custom post its.

Doctors use the pads as forms, so do lawyers and even supermarkets. And there are the ever-popular custom printed Richard Roop real estate post its. We’ve been the main source of those realty post it notes for 15 years now. Order as little as 8 pads or thousands! We have low minimums on post its. We sell wholesale post it notes. We ship free and there are no set up charges on our post it note pads.

Give us a shout out – need a quote or more info? Please email us: or text us: 305-567-9850 (we text back fast). What do you need? How many sheets? How many pads? Do you know the size? The most popular sizes are 3″ x 4″, 3″ x 3″ and 4″ x 6″. They also come in shapes and of course, start at low minimums. Order as little as 6 full color pads!

Our choices and pricing for personalized post its is here if you would like to check it out:

Also, please keep in mind that it’s simple to order. Just email us the art or whatever you want printed, let us know the size and quantity and we’ll email back a proof/invoice very quickly and you can complete the order that way. Email us now for a quote or order: or text us: 305-567-9850



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