Going into Town with Roz Chast

roz2I thought I had written about it but guess not  . . . I am talking about the “Going Into Town” book by cartoonist Roz Chast. I finally got around to reading it. My cousin had handed it to me one day, she said she thought of me when she saw it so she bought it. She knows I love New York and cartooning and this book is perfect for both.

She asked me if I had ever heard of Roz Chast and I had to laugh because I found one of my favorite museums in New York because of Roz Chast. A few years ago, The Museum of the City of New York had an exhibit featuring Roz Chast’s work. There was a lot of original cartoon art from her New Yorker magazine work and so much more.

I had never been to that museum so I took the subway up to 103 Street and fell in love with the area. It’s sort of a Latin neighborhood with bodegas and lots of people and activity and then you walk over to the 5th Avenue end, where the museum is, right across the street from Central Park and it’s a different world. Thanks to Roz Chast, I have visited that neighborhood and that museum numerous times over the last few years.

Anyway, I finally got around to reading the book and it’s hilarious. It’s written in Roz’s hand, literally. It’s not typeset, it’s spelled out in her handwriting. It’s all about New York City in a truthful and funny way with the cartoonist accompanying the narrative. I think it’s for tourists but it’s funnier if you know the city yourself. Like where she explains that the sidewalks of NYC are a think shell covering a vast honeycomb of pipes and tunnels which is something you really don’t want to think about.

Roz explains the city’s street system – the grid system and uptown and downtown and she seems to like the random buildings in New York that have different businesses on different floors, you know, like very busy buildings with a dentist on one floor, a shoe store on another, a hat store on another and they are all displayed in the front windows as you look at the building from top to bottom.

She prefers cities to nature and she really gets into the city. It’s a funny book, and great for a person who loves New York City. You can see more about it her at Amazon.

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Predicting the US economy with Post-it Notes

We’ve been gauging the US economy based on post-it notes sales. We print 3M Post-it Notes and about 15 years ago, we started getting orders regarding real estate – sort of a “we buy ugly houses” pad made out to look like a UPS notice left by the driver. People started ordering thousands of them, I daresay, we printed millions of sheets a month. It turns out a real estate promoter who had seminars, sent his clients to us. So the people who wanted to follow his method of buying and selling would use us as their post-it note printer.

It may not be known, but a bulk of the printed post-it notes are ads or forms or something that covers the whole sheet, it’s not necessarily a pad for writing notes. It can be anything.

Anyway, these real estate pads, called the Roop Pads, came to a sudden halt, I would say maybe in 2008 or 2009, when the housing bubble burst. Those millions of sheets and pads just stopped. Oh, we had other customers that we normally print post-it notes for – doctors, lawyers, stores, clubs, schools, whatever, but the real estate pads it just stopped coming in, not even a trickle.

These are the Roop real estate pads below. We sell them here.


But now, about a year or so ago, the real estate pad printing started to come back and we receive many orders a week. I’ve found it fascinating that this tells me the economy is better and housing is selling and people are back promoting their real estate business, where they had stopped for a long time as far as we were concerned.

I even noticed a lot of real estate seminars about buying and flipping houses have started up again, so this is good news for flippers, the economy and us!


Is this Van Gogh house over the top?

I saw this story in the news about a house in Mt. Dora, Florida, that is painted to look like Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting.  Here is a video with artist Richard Barrenechea explaining the art/house.

People either hate it or love it, I’m not sure how I feel about this, but Starry Night is my favorite piece of art. I have it all over my house as knock-off paintings, posters, even a coffee mug.


But you know what I like better than that house? Richard’s shirt. Look at this screen capture I took from another video at the Orlando Sentinel site. Batman/Van Gogh! Love it!

I found a similar shirt on Amazon, is it the same thing? I want it.

Custom printed sunglasses; what’s old is new again


We lowered prices on our custom printed sunglasses, at TheDiscountPrinter.com, just in time for summer. Our most popular – the Neon Rubber Sunglasses – start at only .79 each now and go up to $1.49 per pair – printed and shipped free! Not a bad deal!

custom printed sunglassesFor years we sold thousands of these to college fraternities and sororities, we couldn’t keep up with demand. We couldn’t keep them in stock! These are some of them at left, they come in 11 different bright colors.

Now the frat guys still purchase them but we sell a lot to all sorts of businesses. Every time I head out to an event – a beer fest, a concert, an arts festival, someone is giving out free sunglasses – they are a perfect promotion, people love them and they wear them and your image and brand is right there on their heads for all to see!

Heck, we sell them, but we always end up taking a pair at these events and wearing and using them ourselves! You can never have enough sunglasses.

I think it’s interesting about the phases of life and things that are popular and fads at times, like the sunglasses and the college students about 10 years ago. I’m not sure what the latest fad is now, but maybe these college students from 10 years ago are the ones running businesses now and they are the ones purchasing the sunglasses for their current situations – making them go full circle! You know, their college memories are now part of their business promotions! Love that thought.

You can see the sunglasses we offer at TheDiscountPrinter.com here.


3 Things You Don’t Do Now That You Used to Do for Your Business

By Dante Daniel St James

Wondering why business is slumping? Why new customers are hard to come by? Why it seems to take longer to get momentum on growth again?

You stopped advertising

This is a big mistake made by smaller businesses who are more susceptible to cash flow problems than bigger ones. Business was good, so you stopped advertising. You didn’t seem to lose any momentum for months, so you assumed that the advertising wasn’t what helped you grow in the first place and you never took it again. A year later, business is trending down again and that’s because you stopped actively promoting your business. Advertising isn’t some vending machine where you put in a coin and out pops a customer. It takes time between seeing an ad and someone acting on it. So it’s hard to track that customer who came through the door back to where they found out about you. Even if you ask them.

You stopped talking about your business

At some point in the journey of having a small business, you stop talking about it to friends and acquaintances. And that’s quite natural. You don’t want to be THAT guy who is always repeating the same stories over and over.

But when you stopped talking about your business, you stopped that valuable word-of-mouth in your network of friends, family and various acquaintances. We’re not talking about hard selling to your mates. We’re talking about dropping in mentions about what’s going on in your business. After all, I guarantee they’re talking about their jobs.

You stopped being excited about what you do

It’s the usual course for a business owner. At start-up, things are nuts, you’re about to go broke and you are loving the rush. After a few years, the rush dies down and you’re in business-as-usual land. There’s nothing new happening and nothing to get excited about.

Business has become about fixing broken things, seeing accountants and paying bills.

There is no single way to get excited about your business. But you can try adding a new product, expanding in to something you don’t do now, or even just trying out a new concept for advertising or marketing.

When it comes to getting yourself back in to the game, you may need to do some reading of books, articles and magazines to get ideas for what others are doing to reignite the momentum in their business.

Podcasts are also an excellent way to learn new skills and hear new ideas.


Post-it Notes, the marketing tool that keeps on giving, sheet after sheet, year after year . . .

postits23There’s a marketing tool that we found to be very effective in pleasing clients and promoting business. That’s 3M Post-it notes. We print them here at TheDiscountPrinter.com.

Post-it Note pads make excellent gifts and promos for every type of business from Realtors to doctors to bankers and more. We print them for schools, businesses, churches, clubs, etc. We have been printing Genuine 3M Post-it Notes for years and each year, the process gets more streamlined and the pads become even more excellent! These are the REAL thing. 3M-Brand.

Our big plus now is printing four color process (that’s full color) pads for the price of one color. The most common pad sizes are 3″ x 4″ and 4″ x 6″ and we can print living color images on the pads which include full bleeds and any image a customer would like. We ship post-it notes for free and there are never any set-up charges. We do all the work, just send us what you want printed! For a limited time, we are offering FREE SHIPPING and NO SET-UP CHARGES! Also FREE BLEEDS, and FREE FULL COLOR ON MANY POPULAR SIZES.

Logos aren’t the only thing printed on the pads. In fact, many if not most of the post-its are used as advertising tools in that the whole sheet is printed. Ads cover the whole sheet and each individual sheet is stuck to various places for various purposes from pizza boxes to mail boxes, even on bills and invoices that are sent out.

Many Realtors have found that Post-its are excellent for keeping their names and business in front of their clients on a daily basis and they have found that by using the pads for advertising, it “sticks” with clients once they see the ads on the pads. And these “Notice” pads have been sold by the millions, they are way for Realtors to reach out to future clients. Ask us about them.

Ads on the pads! That’s it! Post-it notes, sticky notes, whatever you call them, are excellent ads generators.

But of course, keep in mind that they are used as note pads, too. So many of our clients are proud to hand out pads to their clients as little gifts that are truly appreciated.

Post-it Notes come in all shapes and sizes, the come in cubes, too. Square cubes allow for the sides to be printed (in full color if desired) and these sit on desks and are used for months if not years!


Stick your name out there! Let us show you how easy it is to order. We do all the work, just send us what you want printed, we’ll go from there. Email us your idea or logo to info@thediscountprinter.com and let us know the quantity (how many sheets would you like total or how many pads total). You can order as little as 6 or 8 pads or as many as 1 million! It’s up to you. The cost is pennies a sheet and they are excellent business generators.

Let’s see what you have. Send us the image you would like printed now or ask us for a quote! Want to see the styles? We have them here. Check them out! Custom printed post it notes. The best in marketing!


5 Health Benefits of Drinking White Wine

By Andrew Stratton

It is common knowledge that a glass of wine a day has many health
benefits. However, it was always assumed that was attributed to reds
only. But studies indicate that white wine has many of the same


It has been suggested that heart-healthy benefits come from the
compounds found in the skins, which is what gives reds their color.
These skins are separated out during the making of white wine. This
process is what lead most to researchers to believe that the reds were
the only ones with the heart-healthy benefits.

In the last ten years, however, research has indicated that the pulp of
the grapes have many of the same antioxidants as the skin. As the pulp
is obviously not separated out during the process. However, it is
important to note that while there have been improvements in heart
functions for white wine drinkers, it is not to the same degree as those
who enjoy reds.

Disease Prevention

In the past, reds were also believed to have disease prevention
qualities that white wine had lost. Thanks to the antioxidants being
found within the pulp of the grape and not the skin, these prevention
qualities are also found in the lighter drinks. These drinks contain the
properties for lung disease prevention and even breast cancer.

Less Severe Hangover

One of the byproducts of fermentation is the hangover, an effect caused by chemicals called congeners. Congeners are also responsible for thecolor, aroma, and taste in an alcoholic beverage. Darker beverages tend to have a higher concentration of these chemicals. White wines are
lighter in color and have a lower amount of congeners than red wines,which are deeper in hue. While you can still suffer from a hangover if you consume copious amounts, white wines are less severe than if you were to drink an entire bottle of a darker option.

Improved Glucose Control

Wines are full of sugar, especially sweet varieties. Despite the excess
sugar, studies conducted by the European Society of Cardiology show that
those who regularly consume a single glass or two each day have better
control of their glucose. For those who have well-controlled diabetes,
adding a glass a night can be part of a healthy diet.

Improved Sleep

Those who have problems sleeping might skip the medication and choose a
glass of white wine instead. The studies performed by the European
Society of Cardiology show that one or two glasses at the end of the
night might actually improve your sleep. This is because the alcohol
content is a depressant, slowing your system down and helping you to
relax. The important thing to remember is not to drink too much. This
will keep you from waking with a hangover.

When consumed in moderation, white wine has many of the same health
benefits as reds. There is no reason to think of this drink as your
“guilty pleasure” anymore, as long as you don’t over do it.



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